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100th Day of School compare/contrast bulletin board using students'



100th Day of School Activities

Celebrate the 100th Day of school with these engaging 100th Day of School ideas! A favorite is this 100 Gumballs for the 100th Day craft and 100 Days Smarter...


One Hundred Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School

Here is a list of 100 ideas that you can do in your classroom or adapt for your home to celebrate the 100th day of school! Links are provided to th…


100th Day of School tshirt I made for our 100th Day Fashion Show :)


100th day of school project So KnitPicky: Inspired By


100 Days of School, Smarter, School Days, hearts, glitter, kids (youth size)

100 Days Smarter and Loving It! Congratulations! You’re 100 Days smarter! Your child will be so proud of showing off her accomplishment in this 100 Days Smarter Tee. Completing 100 Days of School is definitely something to celebrate! There are 98 small hearts and 2 large hearts equaling 100! Please comment in the “notes to seller” when your 100th Day is so we can be sure to get it to you in time.


100 Day of School (Monster Truck Shirt)


100 Days Rainbow Compositions Project

For her project #100daysofrainbows, Julie Seabrook Ream daily creates beautiful rainbow-colored compositions. She uses common objects and food such as donuts, b




100 days of school


100 days of school project (PAC-man)


100 Days of School Necklace - Inspiration Made Simple

100 Days of School Necklace Activity


The Hershey Kiss! 100th day of school project.


Michael's 100 Days shirt


Super Mario 100th day of school shirt.


100 DAY SHIRT IDEAS - Kindergarten Shirt - Ideas of Kindergarten Shirt #kindergarten #shirts #kindergartenshirts - We were given the assignment by JDaniels teacher to come up with a t-shirt for him to wear to celebrate the 100th Day of school. After searching Pinterest for 100th Day of School shirt ideas I came across a super shirt created by . She used a Silhouette machine to create her shirt with 100 tally marks . I dont happen to have one of those cool machines so I needed to come up with s


100 days of school shirt


100 days of school basketball poster


100 days of school shirt


100 Days of School Shirts & Activity Ideas

100 Days of School, already? There are so many creative ways to display, count and engage with 100 so we tried to capture some of our favorites.


DIY 100 Days Brighter T-shirt - Craft Idea For Kids To Make!

Come check out our DIY 100 Days Brighter T-shirt craft idea for kids to make and then have them shine BRIGHT on the big day!


100 days of school shirt! My 5 year old wanted a unicorn shirt for her 100th day, so I made this with the Cricut Explore Air and extra pieces I had of HTV.


100 Days of School Shirt Idea: 'Bugging' My Teacher

This 100 Days of School shirt idea is just *crawling* with coolness! Show how your kiddo "bugs" his/her teacher in this fun and simple school project!


100 days


Like Mom And Apple Pie: 50 100th Day Of School Project Ideas


100th Day of School Project

Last week daughter had a school project called 100th Day of School. This is actually her second year. A 100th Day of School celebration is an opportunity for pupils to participate in interactive mathematics and art activities. Kids were asked to put 100 items on a poster board. It took me awhile to figure out what project should we do this year. Akesha and I looked around the house to get some ideas, and all in a sudden she suggested that we should make an aquarium. Honestly, I wasn't sure about the idea. So we drove to Walmart to get some items that we needed for her 100th day of school project. I think we were there for a long time. Geez, it took us forever to find the right materials. Instead of coloring a plain poster board, we used a rainbow poster board. I was surprised they have this kind of poster now. It's really cool! We group the fish by ten using the goldfish colors crackers and gummy fish. Guess what we used for the sand? Cereal flakes! Isn't that neat? We named her project "Akesha's School of Fish" BPC


The 100th Day of School | Scholastic

100th Day of School Project: 100 Cotton Balls on a Snowman


100 Day Project for Kindergarten | ... with a 100 polka dot for 100 days of school kindergarten project


100 Days of school t-shirt