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My granny has done this as long as i can remember. She is now in her mid 70's with no wrinkles! Vitamin E Beauty Secret Tip: Dab on under eyes morning and night to tighten skin


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Olive Oil wash for silky hair - A Pinner wrote... i have thin, stringy, oily, weak, flat hair with disgusting, dead ends. No matter how much trimming and special care I give looks awful. I just used this olive oil mask this morning, and my hair feels thick, lucious and silky!! And my natural waves are bounccing beautifully! It really works :)


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Japan is a treasure trove of unique beauty products and experiences. We have them to thank for the massive popularity of cleansing oils, and they produce some of the best sunscreens on the market. Without a doubt, they also have some bizarre products, too, like eye drops that sting (but produce the whitest eyes of all time), plus lip and brow tattoos. But here's the thing: they actually work and look great, too. One popular item in Japan is facial essence. To us, it looks like a toner with its watery consistency. But while most toners are astringents that can dry out the skin, these