Frau Holle (Illustrationen)

Illustrationen des Märchens Frau Holle.


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vrouw holle

vrouw holle


Fabulous VICTORIAN Snow QUEEN Vintage Digital Illustration. Digital Vintage Fairy Tale. Digital Winter/Christmas Download.

Lovely illustration of the Snow Queen of fairy tale fame from H J Ford. It would look great framed. It's also the perfect illustration to be used in your scrap-booking, paper crafts, jewelry making, whatever strikes your fancy! Ready for you to print out! Total print size-4.26" x 7." You are purchasing an incredibly sharp, clear, digital image scanned at a high resolution, 300dpi in jpg form. Once payment is received, you will be able to INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD YOUR IMAGE(S). Our images can fit on 8.5 x 11 paper. The image can be resized to your specifications. **THE ANNOYING WATERMARK WILL NOT APPEAR ON YOUR DOWNLOAD** What fabulous things can you create? Announcements, Invitations, and place cards, (think wedding, engagements, baby!) Paper Arts: Jewelry: Used on transfers: Print and Frame For: Greeting cards Earrings Tee-shirts Baby's Nursery Stationery Bracelets Tote bags Child's Room Bookmarks Necklaces Pillows Wall Decor Gift tags Napkins Scrap-booking Dish towels Altered Art Ribbons Card Making And any magical thing your artistic bent can create! The Fine Print (No pun intended) Do's Do make fantastico art with our digital delights! Don'ts Do not use our images in digital collage sheets, resell them, reproduce them in a compilation cd for resale, or share them with buddies. We and our little elves work tirelessly to ferret out special pieces of paper ephemera, which we then scan and restore to perfection for the discerning creative customer. Taking our work and reselling or redistributing is not only bad form, it angers our little pals. And you don't want to make an elf mad! So please refrain from practices that you would not want done to your artwork. Thank you!



vrouw holle

runa-in-space: Frau Holle


Frau Holle (a German fairytale)

A young girl leaps into a well to fetch a dropped spindle & awakens in a magical land. She is given a number of tasks on the path to Frau Holle’s door & chores to earn her keep — including shaking the feather pillows & duvet of Frau Holle’s bed, bringing snow to mortal lands. Eventually the girl returns home, with Frau Holle rewarding her industriousness by showering her with gold. Her stepsister seeks to follow the same path, but is lazy & punished by having a kettle of pitch dumped upon her.


Pille, Palle, Polle, da oben wohnt Frau Holle - Fingerspiel

Pille, Palle, Polle, da oben wohnt Frau Holle - Fingerspiel - YouTube


Frau Holle - Ein Märchen in drei Differenzierungsstufen - Unterrichtsmaterial zum Download

Frau Holle - Ein Märchen in drei Differenzierungsstufen


Frau Holle Prayer Card

This listing is for a 2 1/2 x 4 inch prayer card. There is an image on one side, a prayer on the other ( as well as artist, author, and (if applicable) sponsor information). All artwork is original to the listed artist and used with permission for the card. Frau Holle is a Germanic Goddess of purification, household management, and industry. The artwork for this card is by Lynn Perkins. Prayer cards are lovely, portable reminders to remember our Gods throughout our day. They’re perfect to stick in wallets, for use as bookmarks, in devotional books, or to give as small gifts. It is never a bad thing to surround ourselves with those things that bring our Gods to mind.


Mother Hulda (Frau Holle) by Sophia756 on DeviantArt

Mother Hulda (Frau Holle) by on @deviantART


Frau Holle Torte

Suchen Sie nach einem einfachen Erdbeer-Blechkuchen, der umwerfend aussieht und auch schmeckt? Dann ist unser Rezept für die Frau Holle Torte genau das Richtige.


Wochenprojekte: Was macht Frau Holle eigentlich im Sommer?


Rauhnächte Wilde Jagd Frau Holle- Perchten Perchten masks // Alpin Traditions Salzburg/Austria Kunstunterricht Ideen Alpin Frau Holle Jagd kunstunterricht ideen oberstufe masks Perchten Rauhnächte SalzburgAustria Traditions Wilde


Malvorlage Märchen - Ausmalbilder kostenlos herunterladen

Malvorlage Märchen - Kostenlose Ausmalbilder, Vorlagen, Rätsel & Bastelsachen gratis herunterladen.


Frau Holle (Elfriede Prasse)

Diese Gesamtausgabe des Märchens Frau Holle, illustriert von Elfriede Prasse, erschien 1941 im Franz Schneider Verlag. Im Jahr 1983 wurden die Illustrationen erneut für eine Wiederveröffentlichung verwendet.




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Frau Holle Legend | Frau Holle and Her Feather Bed


Frau Holle (Illustrationen)

Illustrationen des Märchens Frau Holle.


frau holle


Frau Holle, a tale told by Dortchen Wild


makeup idea for the backup ballerinas


Frau Holle (Illustrationen)

Illustrationen des Märchens Frau Holle.


Turnen Frau Holle 3 Der Apfelbaum

Bewegungslandschaften Turnen Eltern-Kind-Turnen Märchenstunde Frau Holle


Frau Holle (Illustrationen)

Illustrationen des Märchens Frau Holle.


Frau Holle (mit Text zum Mitsingen)


Frau Holle, Waldorfart, Dekoration von Jalda auf #DIY #Märchen #Frau Holle #Waldorfart